Why e-Discovery Won’t Replace Legal Couriers

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Legal couriers have long played an important role in helping lawyers deliver important documents to courts, associates, and opposing parties. However, with the advent of e-Discovery, the need to physically transfer documents has been dramatically reduced when it comes to conducting discovery.

It is certainly true that in many cases, documents, emails, and data files relevant to a dispute can efficiently be shared with an opposing party in digital form, removing the need to physically collect the evidence and deliver it in paper form. However, the fact that e-Discover exists does not remove the need for law firms to have a reliable legal courier service at its disposal. Below are a few reasons that e-Discovery won’t replace the need for legal couriers when it comes to discovery.

  • Not all evidence is in electronic form. Although most information is kept in digital form today, this isn’t always the case. Many relevant documents or pieces of evidence are still in paper form.
  • Some documents need to be original. Digital copies of documents or other evidence are never as good as the originals. In some cases, the originals need to be delivered, and this cannot be done through e-Discovery.
  • E-Discovery Isn’t Always as Secure. Security is also an issue when it comes to e-Discovery. Whenever large amounts of sensitive data are collected together in a digital file, there is a risk that the data could be compromised when it is transferred, damaging a case and breaching attorney-client confidentiality. Conducting e-Discovery also often requires the use of IT professionals to verify that data is authentic and complete. It is sometimes easier and more secure to just physically deliver documents rather than attempt to carry out e-Discovery.
  • Legal couriers can help with e-Discovery.Even when discovery can be accomplished entirely digitally, a courier service may offer benefits to aid in the process. For instance, a legal courier service can provide verification that information has been electronically delivered.

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