Use of Local Courier Services by the Legal Industry and by Nonprofit Organizations

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Local courier companies provide many services to nonprofit organizations as well as to all sectors of the legal industry. Although these two groups often have different interests and objectives, the reasons they rely on local couriers remain the same. They know that their deliveries will be made on time and that confidentiality will be kept.

By using reliable local courier services, people working for legal or nonprofit entities gain valuable time to focus on other important aspects of their work. They have peace of mind, knowing that deadlines will be met and important papers and packages will have safe transit until they are delivered into the hands of their intended recipients. Tracking methods and proof of receipt processes provided by the local courier company furnish needed documentation for sensitive shipments.

Local courier services often provide the following services to members of the legal industry:

  • Legal subpoena and process serving
  • Bank runs
  • Picking up and dropping off mail
  • Delivering legal documents directly into the hands of their intended recipients
  • Hand-carrying motions, briefs and other legal documents to the courthouse for timely filing
  • For some types of filings, promptly returning the original documents to their sender after they have been filed and stamped
  • Carrying contracts to be signed, obtaining signatures and delivering the signed contracts
  • Delivering case file boxes and trial exhibit materials of all kinds to attorneys at court and ensuring their safe return
  • Transporting archival records on loan from libraries, government offices and museums to attorney offices and back
  • Ensuring secure delivery of confidential messages and materials

Rush services, same-day filing and return messenger services perfectly fit the skills of qualified local couriers who provide services to the legal industry. They know how critical their performance can be. Aware that others judge the attorneys or officials who engaged their services by the impressions they make, such couriers work hard to present a professional manner at all times.

Conscientious about their appearance as well as their performance, legal couriers carry out their duties with energy. They drive safely, maintain confidentiality, protect all that is entrusted to them and see that deliveries are made exactly as instructed. Courteous and trustworthy, these couriers have respect for the legal system and for every person with whom they come in contact.

Nonprofit organizations, besides using several of the services listed above, engage the services of local couriers to make the rounds picking up pledges of donated goods as well as checks. Some nonprofit organizations arrange with local couriers to deliver tickets that were purchased online or by phone. Couriers also deliver prizes to winners of raffles or lotteries held by charitable organizations. Contracting with a reputable local courier company for these activities saves money, time and fuel. The courier company’s drivers know the area and can plan their routes to pick up or make deliveries in the fastest, most fuel-conserving manner possible.

If you are interested in any of the above services, contact ASLFORWARDING. Bonded and insured, our company specializes in providing secure courier services that make a good impression on the public and uphold your reputation.

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