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Transporting heavy and oversize equipment calls for extra care and safety precautions at all stages. Here are general guidelines for safely loading heavy and oversize equipment for transport:

Risk Assessment

Before the job begins, a risk assessment must be performed. The risk assessment looks at the particular task and the conditions and possible hazards that exist in the area. It determines what equipment and procedures are necessary to do the job safely and correctly. For transport, this would mean assessing the risks of the particular equipment being carried, and the loading area ground conditions. The vehicle must be the correct capacity for the job and in excellent functioning condition. The load must be within allowed vehicle weight, both in total and per the vehicle axle-load distribution. The best method and material to secure the oversize load must be determined. All proper equipment and safety gear such as flags and oversize load banner must be utilized.

Assembling a Competent Team

A competent team must be assembled to do the job. This includes a qualified driver, spotter, and any other necessary personnel. Everyone on the crew must be wearing the necessary safety gear. This means proper clothing, gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, hearing protection, and steel-toed boots if required. The risk assessment should be shared with all team members so everyone knows their role in the job.


The loading itself must be done safely, utilizing a spotter to direct the driver. The equipment operator/driver and spotter undertaking this job must be properly trained and/or certified and any equipment utilized should be in excellent working condition and clean. The loading area itself should be isolated from other areas so that no outside traffic interferes. The equipment should be optimally arranged for safe and secured with proper restraining devices so that it cannot shift during transit. The securing method should be checked to make sure quality and strength are sufficient, and that forces are distributed as evenly as possible. Safety is always the highest priority.

ASL Forwarding Oversize Load Hauling Services.

It’s very important to know and follow all the requirements when moving an oversized load on US Highways or Interstates. This is a complex, hazardous undertaking, best suited for professionals. For dependable oversize load hauling services, outsource your project to ASL Forwarding. For more information call us at 305.615.1577 or 954.380.1125 or visit us at

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