Pitfalls of Working With a Truck Broker and How to Avoid Them

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In the complex world of transportation and logistics, working with a truck broker can improve your business operations. In our most recent blog post, we showed you three ways how. As a licensed freight broker, ASL Forwarding is here to help you with your logistics and shipping needs, including your truck brokerage needs.

As a licensed freight broker, we believe pretty strongly in the value that freight brokerage adds to customers with a product to ship. That said, there are some pitfalls to working with a truck broker that you’ll want to avoid. Here are a few pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Pitfall: Capacity Mismatch

One pitfall is selecting a truck broker that’s a capacity mismatch to your business. If you’re a massive company with gargantuan shipping needs, then a small-volume truck broker may not have the capacity to serve you. They may be able to partner you up with large enough fleets, but can they handle the volume of transactions?

Similarly, if you’re a smaller organization, you won’t get the attention you’re hoping for from a mega-broker who’s accustomed to dealing with the aforementioned large companies. You may just not be worth the money to them.

Pitfall: Specialization Mismatch

Another common pitfall is what we’ll call specialization mismatch. Different types of freight have differing types of carriage needs and are subject to differing regulations. And truck brokers too have varying areas of specialization.

If you’re a company selling and shipping construction equipment, you need access to trucks with flatbed and lowboy trailers. A truck broker who specializes in retail and refrigerated may well struggle to procure what you need.

Solution: Ask Questions

The solution to these and most truck brokerage pitfalls is to ask questions. Ask a potential broker about the size of current clients and areas of specialization.

Lastly, you should also ask about association membership. A quality freight brokerage will likely be a member of TIA, for example.

ASL Forwarding is a member of TIA and an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau. Does your business need help with freight brokerage? Get in touch today.

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