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In consideration of the rate charged for transporting ANY shipment described in our electronic or physical bill of lading, whether consisting of one or more packages, it is agreed that the value of such shipment is not more than $50.00 and ASL Forwarding delivery service’s liability for any damage to or loss or delay of shipment, irrespective of the cause, including negligence, is limited to the lesser of $50.00 or shipper’s actual loss unless prior to shipping a greater value is declared and an increased charge based on such greater valuation is paid.

The limit of ASL Forwarding delivery service’s liability may be increased up to $500.00 per shipment maximum. ASL Forwarding delivery services will not carry a shipment declared to have a value in excess of $500.00 without a separate prior written agreement with the shipper. Under no circumstances will ASL Forwarding delivery services be liable for loss or damage caused by delay or by improperly packed or improperly labeled shipments, or for any “special” or “consequential” damages including, but not limited to lost interest, profits, income, or business opportunities whether or not ASL Forwarding delivery services acknowledged or knew such damages may be incurred. No employee or representative of ASL Forwarding delivery services is authorized to alter, vary or contradict these terms regarding ASL Forwarding delivery service’s liability.

Claims regarding loss or damage of any kind must be made in writing to ASL Forwarding delivery services within 15 days of delivery of the shipment or the reasonable delivery date of such shipment if undelivered. Failure to file such written claim shall be deemed a waiver of the right to claim damages by such shipper. Should any claim in any amount even if in excess of such limits of ASL Forwarding delivery service’s liability be asserted against ASL Forwarding delivery services by any third party for any loss or damage to any shipments carried hereunder, the shipper agrees to indemnify ASL Forwarding delivery services and hold it harmless against any damages, expense, or cost including attorney’s fees, arising out of any such claim regardless of the cause.

In order for  ASL Forwarding delivery services to have an opportunity to specially protect shipments of particularly high valued items such as cash, furs, jewelry, negotiable instruments, etc., the shipper agrees that no shipment of such items will be made through ASL Forwarding delivery services without first identifying and declaring such items at the time shipper communicates for such service and shipper’s failure to so notify shall relieve ASL Forwarding delivery services from any and all liability for loss of or damage to any such shipment, regardless of the cause.  ASL Forwarding delivery services shall not be liable for any shipment of such items without a prior separate written agreement with the shipper.


All invoices Are To Be Paid 15 Days From The Date Of The Invoice or the agreed credit term. Invoices Are Subject To A Service Charge Of 1 1/2% Per Month On Invoices Not Paid According To Terms. Credit Privileges Subject To Immediate Suspension or Revocation If Any Disputed Invoices Are Not Paid within 15 Days of the Billing, Or If a Balance Due at Any Time Exceeds ASL Forwarding Approved Credit Limits. If This Account Is Placed Or Given To Any Attorney For Collection, Applicant Shall Pay ASLFORWARDING For Court Costs And Reasonable Attorney’s Fees In Addition To Other Amounts Due to whether or not a suit is commenced.

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