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For October, we’ll be focusing on customer experience here on the blog. As business leaders and managers, you know that customer experience is vital. Everyone is looking for cost-effective ways to improve the customer experience. One way many businesses can do this is by utilizing courier services for local deliveries. Here are a few ways that courier services can improve the customer experience.

The first and most obvious way that local courier services can improve your customer experience is by improving the overall experience of delivering and receiving items.

To put it bluntly, dependable local couriers provide a better experience than national carriers can. We’ve all seen the horror stories online. Maybe you’ve experienced some yourself. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • A national carrier reports that a package is out for delivery, only for it to reroute to some warehouse two states away and show up a week late.
  • A package is marked as “delivered on time,” but it’s nowhere to be found, taking weeks to resolve.
  • A package is delivered, but it’s tossed into the bushes, dropped, or bent and shoved into a mail slot.
  • A carrier reports that the driver attempted delivery, but your security cameras show that no driver ever came by.

It’s not that national carriers aren’t trying to provide good service. It’s just that this is a complicated business to scale nationally without reducing quality. A national firm can’t afford to be as selective when hiring drivers as a smaller local or regional company can.

We’ve said that the local courier service is better. Now let’s drill down into specific ways that this is the case.

Courier Services Provide Timely, Same-Day Local Deliveries

Courier services can provide timely, same-day deliveries to local markets in a way that national carriers can’t match. That’s because a courier will pick up an item from you directly and deliver it to the recipient straight away. Typically there aren’t any delays for warehousing or hub-and-spoke style operations.

Sure, you may pay a bit more for this kind of customized service, but in some businesses, it’s more than worth it.

Courier Services Are Accurate

When you choose a local Florida courier service, you’re getting a highly accurate delivery service. Often, couriers can even deliver documents by hand inside an office building, if needed.

Courier Services Are Careful

Amazon has been in and out of the news lately. As it transitioned from using national carriers to deliver its packages to contracting their own fleet of delivery contractors, there have been some real hiccups. New, unproven delivery contractors were caught tossing boxes over gates and fences. Drivers were caught on video, making no real attempt to deliver a package, then marking it “undeliverable” and moving on. And who of us hasn’t at least once received something we ordered online in damaged condition?

Local courier services are careful in their delivery methods, ensuring none of these kinds of troubles take place.

Courier Services Offer Enhanced Security

Lastly, courier services offer enhanced security that other delivery options can’t match. We offer package tracking and sign for the delivery, but the security goes deeper than this. There is also a more transparent chain of custody since we don’t rely on central warehouses, where items pass between multiple people and vehicles. In most cases, the courier who picks up your article is the same one who delivers it to the recipient.

ASL Forwarding Is Your Florida Courier Services Solution

Could you see your business benefiting from any of the customer experience enhancements listed above? If so, it’s time to give local courier services another look. Contact ASL Forwarding today at 305.615.1577 or send us an email for more information. We’re proud to serve the state of Florida.

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