Courier Service Improves Business Efficiency: Here’s How

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As we enter a new year, we’re putting a renewed focus on business efficiency. Whatever it is that your business does, you’re always looking for added efficiency. The faster and more consistently you can deliver, the better you’ll be positioned in the market. Efficiency is a big part of that equation.

If you’re looking to improve business efficiency, utilizing courier service is one way to do so. How exactly? Here are three ways courier service can improve business efficiency.

Reliable Same-Day Delivery Keeps You Moving, Not Waiting

First, let’s talk about reliable same-day delivery. There are some industries where Amazon-style two-day shipping is good enough. But the fact that you’re here reading this blog suggests that you’re in an industry that needs more.

There are all sorts of situations where people can’t wait that long to get a package, document, or specimen. They need it fast — within the day — and there’s no room for error.

If you can’t wait around for FedEx to show up whenever they get around to it, you have an alternative. Local courier service offers reliable, personalized same-day delivery service. Whether you’re on the sending or the receiving end of items like these, courier service is the answer you’re looking for.

At ASL Forwarding, we offer three tiers of same-day service. Our Flash service delivers within the hour, geographic distance, and traffic permitting. Our Priority tier is our 2-to-3 hour service, and our Economy tier allows you or your recipient to receive a package within 4 to 5 hours.

At any of these levels, our reliable same-day delivery will keep you and your clients moving, not waiting.

Avoid the Lost Productivity that Comes with Lost Mail

Another issue you may encounter when working with the postal service or the big national companies is a loss in transit. Stuff really does get lost in the mail. And small, valuable items mysteriously go missing during shipping with an alarming frequency.

Anytime a vital piece of business mail is lost, you lose productivity. Often getting a replacement is possible, but it’s time-consuming. The same goes for lost or stolen packages, though one end of the transaction (you or the other side) may end up eating the cost of the lost item.

When you choose local courier service, you’re choosing a much higher level of service and reliability. Your package has a tiny chain of custody, which drastically reduces the possibility of loss or theft. And in most cases, your item will be hand-delivered to a real person. It won’t be carelessly left on a porch or in a doorway.

Using a Courier Service Frees Up Your Internal Staff

Maybe you’re not using a courier service yet, but you deal with items or documents that you know you can’t just drop in the mail. Are you saddling yourself or one of your team members with that responsibility? Some of our clients have told us that before they turned to a courier service, they were handling sensitive deliveries themselves.

Of course, this is always an option for sporadic high-value items, but it’s not necessarily a great long-term strategy. The people you’re sending on deliveries have other responsibilities, things they can’t be working on if they’re out delivering packages around town.

Also, they likely don’t have the certifications and experience that professional drivers do. Depending on non-specialists could lead to liability issues as well as unsatisfied customers.


To sum up: partnering with a local courier services firm like ASL Forwarding will help your business efficiency. You’ll get high-quality same-day delivery, and you’ll lower the likelihood of items being lost or stolen. You’ll also free up your internal staff to focus on what they do best. Contact us today to get started.

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