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At ASL Forwarding, courier service is a large part of our business. It’s a familiar term, but many people aren’t clear on what a courier service is or its best use. That’s why we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to courier service. Read on to learn what courier service is and what makes it the […]
Transporting heavy and oversize equipment calls for extra care and safety precautions at all stages. Here are general guidelines for safely loading heavy and oversize equipment for transport: Risk Assessment Before the job begins, a risk assessment must be performed. The risk assessment looks at the particular task and the conditions and possible hazards that […]
First, what exactly is an “oversize load?” Oversize shipments are regulated by the individual states, not the Federal Government. An oversize load is one that is greater than state restrictions of length, width, or height. Each state has its legal definition of oversize. Oversize heights generally range from between 13.5 feet to15.0 feet. The state width restrictions […]
Legal couriers have long played an important role in helping lawyers deliver important documents to courts, associates, and opposing parties. However, with the advent of e-Discovery, the need to physically transfer documents has been dramatically reduced when it comes to conducting discovery. It is certainly true that in many cases, documents, emails, and data files […]
Maintaining the timely flow of parts and supplies is critical to business survival. Whether your company imports and distributes parts to retailers, or sells parts and supplies directly to consumers, rapid access to the part or supply that is needed keeps clients happy and business humming. You may find that it is not cost-effective to […]
Local courier companies provide many services to nonprofit organizations as well as to all sectors of the legal industry. Although these two groups often have different interests and objectives, the reasons they rely on local couriers remain the same. They know that their deliveries will be made on time and that confidentiality will be kept. […]

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