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The transportation and logistics industry is full of intricacies and complex problems. You could say it’s a logistically complex industry, if you’re up for a decent pun! If your business ships goods, then you’ve at least been exposed to the transportation and logistics industry (and its complexities). One of the first problems you’ll run into […]
As we enter a new year, we’re putting a renewed focus on business efficiency. Whatever it is that your business does, you’re always looking for added efficiency. The faster and more consistently you can deliver, the better you’ll be positioned in the market. Efficiency is a big part of that equation. If you’re looking to […]
Hello and Happy New Year from all of us at ASL Forwarding! It’s hard to believe that another year is done, but here we are almost halfway through January, and the transportation and logistics industry is as busy as ever. We hope 2019 was the best year yet for your business, and here’s to even […]
If you’re a driver, you’ve undoubtedly been aware of this pending development for some time now. Others in the transportation and logistics industries may not have felt the need to know the details when the ELD was just future or theoretical. But now it’s here. What Are Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)? For those unfamiliar with […]
Do your employees seem anxious or jumpy whenever something changes? Perhaps you recently changed policy or implemented some new software, and some on your team reacted negatively. They appeared upset or even disgruntled. Change Happens, but Unmanaged Change Creates Anxiety So what’s going on here? Why are people getting anxious and unhappy whenever management rolls […]
In recent years, the question of how to work with millennials in the workplace has become an increasing dilemma for many employers. This unique type of employee can seem disconnected, flighty and high maintenance. At the same time, many bring a level of creativity and tech-savvy to the workplace that’s sorely needed. How can you […]
If you’re on the fence about whether courier service is right for your business, we want to help you with your decision. There are countless business headaches that courier service can solve. Are you facing one? Here are two ways FL courier services can make life easier for your business. Reliable Same-Day, Door-to-Door Service When […]
No matter what industry you’re in, customer experience is key to long-term success. One of the greatest threats to the customer experience is with shipping delays. For better or worse, we live in the age of Amazon, which leads customers to expect near-instant delivery of just about anything. Of course, those of us in the […]
For October, we’ll be focusing on customer experience here on the blog. As business leaders and managers, you know that customer experience is vital. Everyone is looking for cost-effective ways to improve the customer experience. One way many businesses can do this is by utilizing courier services for local deliveries. Here are a few ways […]

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